Wallpaper and Wall Covering

by Charles Dow
(New York)

Wallpapers and Coverings Wallcovering describes both paper and other wall material more accurately. Untreated papers do not hold up in the steamy atmosphere of most bathrooms. The vinyls and some foil wall coverings are better suited for bathroom decorating. As to durability and washability, the fabric backed vinyls are the most dependable and the easiest to work with if you plan to apply the wall covering yourself.

A good second choice is a vinyl coated paper or a paper backed vinyl. Unbacked vinyls are durable and washable, but are not as easy to apply as coverings supported by paper or fabric. (Fabric backings look like fine grained cheesecloth.) Metallic foils with fabric or paper backings are also serviceable, and are dramatically effective in bathrooms. They crease easily during handling, however, and are more difficult to work with than other coverings. With a little practice you can soon learn to use them.

If you are doing the work, and have not used foils before, buy and extra roll to have on hand in case of mist4i,s. In many bathrooms, the lower portions of the walls are covered with ceramic tile, so maybe you can splurge to cover the rest of the walls. If so, buys small amount of expensive wall covering having exceptional pattern, color and quality. To figure how much to buy, keep in mind that a single roll of wall covering is calculated to cover 30 square feet of wall. Use this measure as a guide to the number of rolls you will need. Measure the wall areas to be covered. Do not deduct for windows or doors.

You will need the extra amount for the matching pattern and for correcting mistakes. Any leftovers can be used to cover switch plates, tissue boxes, or wastebaskets. Compute wall measurements in square feet width of each wall times its height from baseboard to ceiling, or from ceramic tile border to ceiling. Total square feet for all walls and divide by 30. This number will be the number of rolls you need to buy. Some wall coverings are prepasted, ready to be moistened with water and then hung. We suggest a coating of adhesive

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