William Devane's Carpentry Skills

by Melvin Baker
(New York)

William Devane’s carpentry skills launched his career. I found an article that explained how he worked on building stages and platforms for actors and became an actor himself here’s the story.

He said. His uncle, a plumber on the side, was one of a few relatives who taught him carpentry and other skills — which came in handy when he went to work for Joseph Papp's Shakespeare Festival in New York City. "I built that theater in Central Park," he said, and he meant this literally. "I knew how to do all that stuff. So when I started working for Joe, I just carried a spear — but basically, I drove the truck ... and then I helped build the sets. And then, slowly, I got a part, and then I got a little bit bigger part, and then a bigger part." (http://bit.ly/XT6t1L )

This is American story on how someone who used to build stages in New York City. He developed his carpentry working with his uncle. While working on stages literally putting them together he realized that he had the opportunity to expand his horizon. He felt as though carpentry was not his last of the life. So he saw an opportunity and acted on it. He would take small parts in different plays. Over time the parts that bigger and bigger. And now here he is a major Hollywood actor. One of his last big parts was that he played the president if and the Batman movie.

So for all of the carpentry apprentice yrs that are out there keep your eyes open for opportunities. Your carpentry skills could lead you into millions of dollars or a new career. Whenever comes first, but I can tell you for certain that an opportunity will come your way keep your eyes open and beware of your surroundings. I love carpentry and I'm hoping that it brings me to even higher Heights then where I’m at right now. Thanks for reading

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