Wooden Flooring London

by Kevin Murrey
(London, England)

Wooden flooring and Oak flooring Facts and information

Wood is one of the longest lasting flooring materials and the only type of floor covering that will improve with age and can be revived by re-sanding and refinishing. Wood floors also add value to property.
Solid wood and oak floors last the longest since they are made from solid pieces of wood that can be 1" thick. These boards of wood are fitted together and set upon a sub floor. Those who have a concrete floor would need to get a wood sub floor installed floor which would again be quite costly.

Since solid wood and oak floors are made from natural wood they tend to contract and expand along with changes in the climate and temperature. This type of flooring would not be suitable for those places which experience sudden changes in humidity or climate.
Solid wood floors are available in various finishes and stains so they would match with any type of home decor. The biggest advantage with this type of wood floor is that even if they get worn, scratched or stained they can be refinished easily. Solid wood floors would be suitable to those families that have kids and pets and have a lot of traffic.

General Maintenance Guidelines

Dirt and Grit are the enemies of all Wooden Floors.
Make sure that a sturdy doormat is in place both inside and outside all exterior access doorways.
Always protect the floor by using felt pads on furniture legs.
Sharp objects such as pet's claws and stiletto heals can cause damage to your floor.

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