Wood Flooring Installation

Laying Down Wood Floorig

Wood flooring installation has its advantages for carpenters and handyman. A floated floor goes down quickly and easily. Wood is a traditional material. Wood flooring today, however is much different from the wide sawn planks of years past. Modern wood flooring is kiln dried and machined to standard dimensions. Tongue-and-groove edges ensure a tight installation with a level surface in many cases wood flooring is sold prefinished.

Carpentry history tells us flooring installation has changed considerably from the days when installers tacked it down loosely the first year then nailed it down firmly once it had dried up and shrunk. While most solid wood floors are still nailed in place, some types of wood flooring can be glued down. And some flooring is not attached to the subfloor at all it floats on top of a foam pad.

Wood must adjust to climate of the room before installing it. Don’t have it delivered on a wet day Make sure all humidity producing aspects of building and remodeling have dried before bringing the wood home Acclimate the wood for five days prior to installation at a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees in the room where it will be installed.

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