Woodworking Professional and Hobbyist

by JS Direct
(Orlando, FL)

I have been a Carpentry professional for over 20 years, and now I mostly do woodworking as a hobby. I do have several personal projects going on right now. I am also working on several blogs where I review woodworking tools. My 1st blog, which I am just getting some good reviews on is

A top notch woodworking router is an essential tool for any craftsman, from the casual hobbyist to the full time professional. We review the best wood routers on the market and detail the individual features that set these tools apart from the rest. Our expert advice and real customer feedback will help you decide which router is the best for your needs


Let me know what you think and I'll keep posting my projects and blogs as I get them complete.

Hi it's Jereme I think that the website is great. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects thank you for reaching out. Please promote my website to people as well thank you.

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